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If you ever dreamed about taking control of your own bus, then check Bus Bws.Gyrrwr amazingly fun simulator where your job is to transport passengers around an urban environment. Your job is to keep the schedule, while obeying traffic rules and make sure you do not upset or injured passengers. Bus driver everything he needs to be realism. However, there is no game as such, although the five different levels, and you get to go to different neighborhoods bonuses for following the rules of the road and stick to your schedule and atiMae five buses in a big city environment, 30 routes set different weather at different times of the day. Different types of bus associated with the bus drivers and school bus, tourist bus, tour bus sightseeing bus transportation and even prisoners. The whole driving environment in Bus Driver is realistic AI system thanks to a “learn” your practice gyrru.Mae’r Illustrations are angular and somewhat simple and the gameplay was quite boring at times, but for anyone who is a fan buses or just driving sims just in general, bus driver is very nice.

Bus Driver 1

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