The reward for participating in historic preservation is not in public acclaim or gratitude. It is in hearing someone say, “I’m glad they didn’t let them tear that down,” and realizing that your are part of the force that has preserved an important symbol of American – and local – history.

That is why the New Hope Historical Society was established. Since its founding in 1958, the New Hope Historical Society has made a significant progress in preserving historical and cultural aspects of New Hope. Efforts began with the Parry Barn and the Parry Mansion Museum and will go forward, embarking on other preservation and restoration efforts.

The creation of the museum, which reflect 125 years (from 1775 to 1900) of decorative changes, was the inspiration of Charles Lamar, noted decorative historian and Interior designer. Since 1966, the New Hope Historical Society has maintained this splendid mansion house museum, the centerpiece of New Hope and tribute to the American experience.


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