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repack lossless and Mr. DJ (Me)

Mass Effect 3 + all DLC lock

Repack features:

Do not cut / recoded

Game Version -;

Audio Languages: English;

Subtitles Language: Russian / English / French / Italian / German / Spanish / Polish;

Precracked – install and play

Fast Time – 20 minutes;

Final size :;

Operating system: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win (32bit and 64bit both);

base Ufa: Reloaded

DLC includes:

N7 Collector’s Edition + equipment (Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition, too (Deluxe Edition Digital) and pre-order bonuses (the tools available in the store at Normandy)

N7 Arsenal (N7 “Hurricane” N7 “Eagle” N7 “hero” N7 “Crusader”)

Pet “Robopes”

Additional costumes for party members

Casual wear N7 “Hoodie”

N7 Warfare Gear (N7 “Valkyrie,” Armor N7 “Defender”)

Bonus for completing the demo KoAR ( “Chakramomet” Armor “Knight Avenger”)

M-55 “Argus”

AT-12 “thief”

+ From the Ashes

+ Extended Cut

+ Firefight Package (tools available in the store at Normandy)

M-90 “Indra”

Carbine “Rigar”

Plasmas. Goths

“Punisher” blood pack

Snipe. gun “Creasy”

Destroyer “Cerberus”

Anti-synth. gun “Hadas”

+ Leviathan

+ Extension Pack Groundside (tools available in the store at Normandy)

Pistol “Executioner”

Shotgun “Poison”

Harpoon. widget “Shock Key”

Sturm. screw. “Blacksmith”

N7 “Typhoon”


N7 “Piranha”

+ Appearance Package 1 second (a set of options appears 1):

Weapon “Cerberus” – “Ajax”

Additional costumes for party members

Omega +

+ Citadel

+ Genesis 2


Delete any previous game Mass Effect 3 from your system. Make sure there is no registry key is left behind.

Disable your antivirus before RUNNING setup (KEY) from the antivirus will be ‘installed’ as file ,, making payments fail to launch setup or it may run but with some glitches ,, similar to (For Avast users: Disable DeepScreen antivirus settings). Latest Dotnetframe need .. ‘to run the setup (provided)

After running setup ,, click ‘Configure’ ,, ,, enter install directory and click next next ,, select key software (x directly from Visual ++ provided in the folder Redist) ,, ,, end come back on ‘install’ to install ,, ,, after playing the game from the desktop

Always open the game by using the “Run as administrator” to avoid any savegame / issue accident. If it still crashes, down from the graphics options in the environment ”.

If you like to comment and repack ,,


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Mass Effect 3

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