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In the years after the First World War, Tom Sherbourne, a young veteran still numb from his years in combat, accepted a job as a lighthouse keeper. As the only resident islands, finds comfort in the monotony of tasks and in the solitude of their surroundings. When he meets the daughter of the director of schools, Isabel Gray Market, the city of Partageuse the continent, Tom was immediately captivated by her beauty, intelligence and passion, and soon married and living on the island. If they thrive love, he began to feel again, become your happiness to begin only by his inability to have a family, so when a boat with a man and a child were killed girl mysteriously wash ashore, Isabel’s view, answer their prayers eventually. As a man of principles, Tom torn between reporting the state the woman he loves lost child and satisfied, and against his better judgment, agrees he let Isabel create the child as their own, make a choice devastating consequences.

A lighthouse keeper and his wife live along the coast of Western Australia to a baby saved to raise a floating boat.

Tom was a First World War veteran who holds a lighthouse off the coast of Australia with his wife Elizabeth, a woman desperate to have a baby. His prayers answered when a child washed up on shore in a rowboat. Tom they think the authorities must inform, but eventually gave in the desire of Isabel to keep girl. Lot strike again when the couple know the biological mother of the child on the continent. Now, Tom and Isabel a decision that will affect making the lives of four people forever.

The Light Between Oceans 2016

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